Become aunity distribuion partner

take advantage of this business opportunity and start your own business

Enjoy the flexibility to set your own working hours and to use your time for important things. With our unique and lucrative compensation plan, you can build long term and sustainable stable incomes! Become today aunity distribution partner and begin your labor for us to implement the lifestyle you deserve!

We would be pleased if you come to value unity products and other want to be infected with your enthusiasm. Recommend aunity! In your recommendations and any friendship advertising, you receive from aunity an attractive commission. We have a big goal and claim to do better - to be better - to be fair and that is why we invest in building of our team partners and do not in expensive commercials or advertisements.

  • decide for yourself how much time you can invest in your own business
  • You determine where, when and how to work
  • receive the entire proceeds of your work according to your own use

We support you in building your next professional or even full-time self-employment and support you with our innovative ideas.


The aunity philosoph

The name of aunity derives from the English "a unit" off. We are a unit - a family - we want to be together successfully with all our partners and customers!

Let us live old values and bring better quality of life, more comfort and more success into our life together! Truth, honesty, respect, generosity, self-determination and love for nature!

Sustainability, durability and reliability are reflected in our products and in our sales concept. Succeed together also means to live the shared values internally and externally. For this, we are in constant contact with our team partners.

Easy to use and well-considered approach to enhance your quality of life, your well-being as well as your financial opportunities awaits you at aunity. Use our products and design your future together with a group of positive and uplifting people!

You also expect an extraordinary compensation plan, which fairly reimburse all your achievements and allows stable incomes!

The aunity Compensation Plan - plan the future with aunity!

Aunity compensation system was developed in close cooperation with our leaders on the basis of long-term experience! Our intention was to develop a fair compensation system that eliminates all negative features of classic plans.

Profitable aunity compensation plan with its unprecedented earning opportunities has no counterparts. You are installing the boundaries for your earnings. Aunity can offer much more than the estimated bonus paycheck, because our premium volume will give you a chance to stop dreaming and start the lifestyle that you deserve!
Aunity pays all compensations monthly. General and special bonuses are not deducted.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Once achieved position is reserved
  • Payment also while maintaining the level*
  • Payment also in engagement of new branch*
  • Payment for any turnovers • Arrangement support
  • There are no restrictions in the volume
  • There is no limit to the amount of your income
  • There is no line interruption
  • Non-payer compression (branch support)

* From Diamond level

Latest modification: 13.09.2019